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May Drinks Special

Order two Gin & Tonics for £10

Live Music

Fri 24th May - James Chadwick & Henrick Jensen Duo - 7.30pm

Sat 25th May - Wax Sessions DeeJay Fade & Guests - 1.00 - 4.00pm

Sun 26th May - Earl Temple Foundation - 4.30pm

DJ Set

Dayoo DJ set

Saturday 18th May

6.30 - 10.30pm

Bring in your food from the festival

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Town Owl is a Taphouse in Stroud that is passionate about well crafted local produce, supporting local business with their craft beers, spirits and wines aiming to source drinks from the surrounding countryside expanding down to Bristol. Follow @town_owl_taphouse for our latest beers and offers available.

Customers welcome to bring in food to eat from local market or Five Valleys food stalls.


Children & Dog Friendly. 

Town Owl

On eves of cold, when slow coal fires,
rooted in basements, burn and branch,

brushing with smoke the city air;
When quartered moons pale in the sky,
and neons glow along the dark
like deadly nightshade on a briar;
Above the muffled traffic then
I hear the owl, and at his note
I shudder in my private chair.
For like an auger he has come
to roost among our crumbling walls,
his blooded talons sheathed in fur.
Some secret lure of time it seems
has called him from his country wastes
to hunt a newer wasteland here.
And where the candlabra swung
bright with the dancers’ thousand eyes,
now his black, hooded pupils stare,
And where the silk-shoed lovers ran
with dust of diamonds in their hair,
he opens now his silent wing,
And, like a stroke of doom, drops down,

and swoops across the empty hall,
and plucks a quick mouse off the stair...

Laurie Lee

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If you have any questions then please get in touch.

Tel: 01453 798275
Children & Dog friendly

Wed & Thur 1600 - 2230

Fri 1400 - 2300

Sat 1200 - 2300 

Sun - 1600 - 2000

62 High Street

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